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Support: Knowledge Base: Domain Names .gr
1. Homograph names. What does that mean? Who has the right to activate them?;
2. Homograph Domains Names that had been registered to different users before the Regulation of [.gr] Domain Names
3. What is a Bundle name?

1. Homograph names. What does that mean? Who has the right to activate them?
According to the definition in Decision 351/76, homograph names are those Domain Names whose variable field is consisted of alpharithmetic characters which VISUALLY match the lower or upper case, punctuated or unpunctuated form, and their non-variable field is the same. For example, let's consider the names and .gr whose capital form is visually the same ( and .gr). We should point out to those interested to the fact that audibly similar or visual dissimilar names are not covered by the above definition (for example, has no homograph because the character has no visually similar character in the Greek alphabet while one homograph of the Domain Name .gr is the latin - which in capital case becomes .gr). A table of the homograph characters can be found here.
The right to activate homograph names is reserved for the Domain Name Registrant to which the homographs in question are referring to. For the activation of each of those homograph names the Registrant has to contact their Registrar, and pay the necessary fee.

2. Homograph Domains Names
In case there are two (or more) homograph names assigned to different Registrants (registered before the starting date of the IDN registrations, July the 7th, 2005), the right to activate a homograph variant of the Domain Name is not given to any of the Registrants. If for any reason only one of the Domain Names remains registered, the Registrant of this Domain Name has the right to activate the homograph variants.
3. What is a Bundle name?
As Bundle name is considered to be the group of a registered Domain Name and the activated homographs. The activated homograph names are renewed automatically with the renewal of the registered Domain Name regardless of the activation date. For each one of the activated homograph name the renewal fee is charged. If during the application submission the lower case unpunctuated form of the name has been activated without charge, then for this form the renewal is free of charge. In case the Registrant does not wish to renew one of the activated homograph names, he has to deactivate the homograph name before renewing.
In case of a Registrant change the Bundle Name is transferred as one name (only one Registrant for the bundle) but charged according to the number of Domain Names within the bundle. If at the submission of the application the lower case unpunctuated form of the name has been activated without charge, then for this form the transfer is free of charge.
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