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  gr € 10.00  
  ελ € 10.00  
  eu € 17.85  
  com € 17.02  
  net € 17.85  
  org € 21.77  
  biz € 28.23  
  de € 14.88  
  co € 40.32  
  tel € 22.58  
  ru € 29.76  
  es € 18.55  
  uk € 13.71 € 10.00 € 41.13 € 10.00 € 10.00 € 10.00 € 10.00 € 15.32 € 32.26  
Prices taken from pricelist 1, are for one year domain registration and does not include tax 24%

Client Area

Welcome to our client area where you can manage your account with us. This page provides a brief overview of your account including any open support requests and unpaid invoices. Please ensure you keep your contact details up to date.

My renewals
It contains updates of services (eg domains, hosting, etc.) ending with some of the customer time. There is a choice of the renewal period each service separately.
My domains
Includes managing your domains featuring changes and update the information for each domain. In this area you can renew domains that are close to expiry.
My hosting packages
Includes management of your hosting packages featuring changes and update the information for each hosting package. In this area you can renew the hosting packages that are close to expiry.
Τα πιστοποιητικά μου
Περιέχει τη διαχείριση των πιστοποιητικών ssl. Στην περιοχή αυτή μπορείτε να ανανεώσετε τα πιστοποιητικά ssl που πλησιάζουν προς την λήξης τους.
My support tickets
Send or watch the progress of your support tickets. If you have a problem with a domain, hosting package or some other service you can send a ticket for technical support to staff of GoDigital. You will receive email for each sent ticket or answer.
My reminders
Includes ways reminder want updates on services (eg by email, fax, sms) and times at which they wish to be alerted (eg 1,2,3,4,5,10,20,30,40 days ago and time of delivery).
My financial tab
It contains the card of your account to a full list, the execution time, the debit and credit amounts, etc. At the end of the list appears and the current transmission to all other account.
My orders
Contains a full order history list, the status of each order, the execution time, the debit and credit amounts, etc. At the end of the list is displayed and the current balances in your account.
My invoices
Contains invoices issued in your VAT number to display the number, date, total, etc., and can receive (download) any figurative.
My account
View and edit your account information
Check your IP address
Checking the IP address now if you own is blacklisted in several organizations that fight the spam.
Bank accounts
Contains the company's bank accounts, for payment way "Bank Deposit".
Bank transfer
Contains the company's bank accounts, for payment way "Bank Deposit".
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